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I actually just got done playing a Left 4 Dead 2 campaign based on World 1-1 through 1-4 of Super Mario Bros, and then I see this. It seems today is a good day for Mario/L4D crossover

AC Adapter from hell

I knew they were evil but damn, that is a demonic AC adapter. But man, I have to say that honestly the blowing into the cartridge was the most nostalgic part of owning NES games. Hell, I still do that with my Xbox and the disc drive.

Nicely done


You've shown me this flash from the very conception of it to the draft to the final product. It's truly an epic work that I can only dream of achieving at this point in my life. Wordless entertainment is hard to pull off, but you've done it quite well. I applaud you ernest. I applaud you.

ernest-aka-gooey responds:

WELL it was quite the epic journey for me making this epic product. Like, really, two months of my life were just gone to make this. Aha. The going was tough but it really has been worth it. Really. I have to thank you guys for the support to.. I remember I posted about maybe giving up with a week left to go and you guys helped me through that. Ahaha.

Epic Pokemon Representation

Whenever I see stuff like this it makes me think, "Are these the true animations of Pokemon when they fight?" Since the original versions just show them lunging forward with a static sprite. It just has the idea of a beat-em-up like Turtles in Time or Fatal Fury along with play style like Ninja Gaiden. It's very impressive indeed.

And I agree with Zombiepleasure. The whole idea of Pokemon is to send the young teenager to fight against everyone with no extra clothes, some technology device, and little money (Although if my Mom gave me $5000 to start I'd still be fucking stoked). I mean, the trainer's defeating opponents a good 40 years older than him/her. At least in Silver/Gold your Mom was useful, and I never played the Hoenn generation, though I did understand your Dad was the last gym leader. Either way, Pokemon doesn't teach family values much, lol.

Oh, and I went old-school and tabbed the entire video and got nothing. Where would these Easter Eggs be?

To Wormie

Look for Cold's last album, "A Different Kind of Pain". At least I think it's their, it may be "Year of the Spider". A shame the band broke up a few years ago

MindChamber responds:

that does suck, hope they try again sometime in the future

A perfect return

After throngs of fanboys begged for you to finish the episode and a moment of quitting the series, you have made a comeback few could have ever thought possible, let alone accomplish. Quite long with all the scenes, but that follows the SMBZ pattern where the odd-numbered episodes are more dialogue based.

Also enjoy the self parody in the middle with Kolorado and Goombella. And for making the Koopa self-aware of his change from biped to quadruped. I was almost thrown off by the episode picture, thinking it might be a joke, but lo and behold you created one hell of a back story, no doubt thanks in part to DC's great story planning. Good luck to you in the future, you have my support always.

To answer gtblaze

Even if Mario was revived by the 1-Up I doubt he'd live much longer with a spike through his chest.

Great video by the way, excellent choice of soundtrack especially

Great Adaptation

My only complaint, the characters in the office looked so expressionless with the bored-looking eyes and lack of smiling. Otherwise, great job

uh huuuhhhhhh

Yeah, for a group that parodies big artists like Alvin, I would have expected something that's, you know, funnier. That..........I don't even know what to call it.........besides nothing funny at all

Stunning Return

What can I say besides, amazing. You truly capture the DBZ elements and make them that much better. Good to have you back. Hopefully we'll be seeing you more on VGLan?

Also, thank you for not making Mario go gold, long hair and gold moustache.

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